There are eight million stories in the Naked City — or 8,175,133, to be more precise, according to recently released U.S. Census Bureau figures. NYCity News Service reporters hit the streets to put faces to the numbers in a series of story packages that offer snapshots of who we are, how we live — and where. We found the only thing you can count on in the city is change.

Steve Strasser Craft II

Natives are Newcomers in Sunset Park

A growing number of Latinos are identifying themselves as Indians.

By July 5, 2011

Shopping for Change on Franklin Ave.

Two decades ago, Crown Heights was best known for racial tensions and drugs. But over the past decade, the neighborhood has transformed – particularly along Franklin Avenue.

By June 27, 2011

Asians Move Out of Chinatown

The Chinese immigrant stronghold has seen declines in population and the local economy in the decade since 9/11.

By May 23, 2011

The View from the Street

Gilbert Kelly, who spends his days collecting bottles and sweeping sidewalks, has witnessed big changes on his Grand Avenue block.

By May 23, 2011

Irish Isle’s Rising Tide

Walk around Woodside and you’ll see the ever-changing population. But step into Donovan’s Pub on Roosevelt Avenue and you’ll be transported back in time.

By May 23, 2011

The Bronx Bounces Back

Melrose is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the city – another sign of the South Bronx’s rise from the ashes.

By May 23, 2011

Staten Island’s ‘Ghost Town’

Nearly one of 10 homes in St. George is vacant, thanks to a building boom that turned into a bust.

By May 23, 2011

Communities Divided in Williamsburg

Fewer residents of Williamsburg responded to the census than just about any other neighborhood in the city, which may be one symptom of a split community.

By May 23, 2011

Anatomy of an Undercount

The 2010 Census found this corner of Queens has one of the highest vacancy rates in the city. Residents contend the neighborhood is growing.

Sounds of New Life in Red Hook

The Jalopy Theatre and School of Music has helped drive growth in the remote Brooklyn neighborhood.

By May 23, 2011