There are eight million stories in the Naked City — or 8,175,133, to be more precise, according to recently released U.S. Census Bureau figures. NYCity News Service reporters hit the streets to put faces to the numbers in a series of story packages that offer snapshots of who we are, how we live — and where. We found the only thing you can count on in the city is change.

Live blogging

Traditional & Charter School Fight for Space in Prospect Heights

In a growing Brooklyn neighborhood, a struggle over school space between a charter school and traditional public school. Check back for our live coverage.

Ninth Avenue Food Festival

Exploring the changes in NYC through the city’s cuisine, Food Feed will broadcast live from the annual 9th Avenue Food Festival in Hell’s Kitchen. Our reporters will interview vendors, organizers, participants, and bring you live footage of the eating contest.

Children of the World Street Festival

The Children of the World Festival is an annual cultural celebration featuring different ethnic groups and socioeconomic classes. There will be arts and crafts, food and other cultural display and exhibitions.

By and May 9, 2011

Block Parties & Street Festivals

Thanks folks! Our event is over online – but many of these festivals and parties are still going today and throughout the weekend. Click on the map to look up the events in your area.
ANd that’s not all! We will be posting more photos and video from our events today throughout the week!

Williamsburg – Party or Hangover?

The Graham Avenue Fiesta in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg offers a window into a neighborhood undergoing dramatic, not always comfortable, change. Watch our live coverage.